About Me and This Blog

Hi, I'm Liz. I'm the Mom to that kid who is having a meltdown in Target and ignoring him.

I should revise that, he wouldn't be having a meltdown in Target because I've stopped bringing my youngest out in public. Because of that. My oldest loves to go shopping with me and behaves as long as he can have some chocolate at the end. He can come shopping with me.

But not on, like, one of those marathon Target shopping trips where you set up a tent and a grill inside because you'll be there FOR.EV.ER.

Nobody else spends hours roaming through the store without thought of eating or sleeping?

Alone here on that one?

Good times.

Welcome to Flamingo Paradise, a blog about the balancing act that is this crazy idea of "work/life balance." 

It's really not balance people. It's more like standing on one leg, trying to not get knocked over by your 6-year-old son chasing your 4-year-old son with Autism and they're both screaming because they feel entitled to have something that one of them has, and the frozen pizza for dinner is burning while you're trying to answer emails from the students in your college classes. And your husband isn't home from work yet, but you're just glad he has a job (after months of not). But you REALLY want to yell, "Shut the HELL up and let me hear silence for just 5 hours!" (or minutes...seconds?) and put some pretty stickers in your planner (the super organized person's way to scrapbook).

So you're a flamingo. Except they balance way better than me. BUT I do love me some pink, so there's that.

And this is paradise. The American dream, right?! Stable job, kids, house, spouse, three dogs, a cat...

I think I may have gone a bit overboard on the dream bit.

What do I write about? Anything and everything. At one point I wrote for a living, and was burned out on it after that for a while. But then I realized I had all of these funny (OK funny to ME) thoughts, and my husband suggested I write. Again.

So I will write.

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  1. I thought about writing too when my youngest was going through all of that but I guess I decided that I didn't want to remember all of the meltdowns...However when I look back on how far he has come in 18 years, it really helps to be able to see the progress so that we know that we have made some progress and we weren't horrible parents. You too will get there - but wine definitely helps! The writing.....free therapy.