Saturday, May 14, 2016

Forget the Tooth Fairy, Mom

Silas has his first loose tooth. This is like a BIG DEAL. Almost all of the kids in his class have lost at least one tooth and he's been asking me about when he will lose his first tooth.

Two days ago he came home and showed me, "OMG MOM. My tooth is LOOSE." And it was. So we're waiting for his first tooth to fall out.

Silas and his first loose tooth!

Silas: Mom, what happens when my tooth falls out?
Me: We put it in this little pillow that Grandma gave us. At night the Tooth Fairy comes and takes your tooth and leaves you money!
Silas: What? That's creepy. Some guy coming in our house without us knowing and taking my tooth? What if I don't want him to take it?
Me: Well... do you want the money?
Silas: No I want to keep my tooth.
Me: So... no tooth fairy pillow?
Silas: No, that's creepy. Don't let the Tooth Fairy know I lost a tooth OK?

OK, so my super cognitive six-year-old has decided that a mythical "dude" (interesting he assumed the Tooth Fairy was a dude) coming into our house and taking his tooth is creepy. Interesting.

So...I get to save money?

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