Monday, May 16, 2016

The Boys Clean Up...*badly*

Friday my husband lost his work keys and tore the house apart in order to find them.

Like you do.

And he still hasn't found them.

BUT in the process of "cleaning" (which means he goes through everything and then leaves a mess behind him and moves on), he and Silas went through the toy box and toy area. They made a pile of toys that they wanted to get rid of.

Which is GREAT. Except for the fact that a lot of those toys were Sage's toys and he wouldn't want to get rid of them.

Me: You can't get rid of brother's Baymax mask. Or his Minion goggles. What about this dragon?
Silas: I don't want it anymore.
Me: You played with it last week.
Silas: But I'm older now and I don't want it.

*Eye roll*

So I went through this pile of toys they left in the middle of the living room (thanks guys) and threw out everything that was missing the pieces. I bagged up everything that was still usable and we're going to take them to the Salvation Army today.

Silas and Daddy chose these toys to be donated...

It used to be that I had to do this while the kids slept so that they wouldn't see me run out of the house with the bags and put them in the trunk. Inevitably they would find something I put in the bag that they HAD to keep. Is it possible that now I can do this in the light of day???

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